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Changes in-game or on the website, are visible here whenever they occur. For more information, you may contact us on the website, or in-game. You can also visit the forum or our official Discord.

12th May 2020 21:34
Added a new event, Whac-A-Mole. See latest news for more information.
14th Feb 2020 19:27
Fixed an issue with Warlocks arena, where you could be teleported outside in rare occassions.
14th Feb 2020 19:25
Fixed an error in duel arena, you may now not summon scarabs by digging on sand floor.
14th Feb 2020 00:46
Fixed an issue with Training NPCs. They no longer freeze up when multiple players are practising.
12th Feb 2020 06:25
Renamed characters in 1/1 account to known oldschool player names.