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Server information

Information about the server and its main functions can be found here. For more information, you may contact us on the website, or in-game. You can also visit the forum or our official Discord.

Premium war-server with custom client, protocol 7.4.
You need to purchase points to create a private character. To play for free, log in on account 1/1.
You can also transfer points to your friends.
The server saves player and game statistics.
You can type !stats in-game (!cmd for all commands) to view your stats. Stats are also viewable on the website.
Your stats do not change while in arenas or events.
Ranking system: Elo-rating is a system that calculates your skill relative to the skill of other players.
Gain: You gain Elo by killing other players. The higher the Elo of the player you kill is (in relation to your own Elo), the more Elo you gain.
Loss: You lose Elo by dying to other players. The lower the Elo of the player that kills you is (in relation to your own Elo), the more Elo you lose.
Usage: You cannot use your Elo-points for anything. It is simply a score that reflects how good you are. It is however impossible to determine the skill level of a player with numbers.
Reward: The players with the highest Elo scores, might get rewarded with something special periodically.
Protection Zone block: After killing a player, you may not enter PZ for 3 minutes. After simply attacking a player, you may not enter PZ for 1 minute.
Starting level: You start at level 31, it may vary periodically though.
Skills: Magic level and skills are static, in other words they don't change.
Restrictions: Some spells and runes require a certain amount of intellect points (soul points) to be used. Check the table below for the required values
Damage alterations: The damage of some spells and runes are limited. The game has been adapted to optimize the gameplay revolving mages.
Skulls: If you are on a killstreak, you'll earn a skull. The skull is just for pure show, and is lost upon death.
Intellect point values
Name: Spell: Intellect cost:
Ultimate explosion (exevo gran mas vis) 45
Mana shield (utamo vita) 25
Energy wave (exevo mort hur) 15
Great energy beam (exevo gran vis lux) 10
Poison storm (exevo gran mas pox) 30
Heal friend (exura sio "friend) 3
Paralyze rune - 30
The spawnpoint rotates through each map every second hour.
Upon death you are teleported to the current active spawnpoint.
You may access depot, arenas and NPC Bot from all spawnpoints.
Each spawnpoint is automatically cleaned regularly to prevent griefing by blockage.
The maps are redesigns of original cities, adapted to cover most war-situations.
There are hidden areas and easter eggs on each map, search them through thoroughly.
There are three active maps at one time. Right now, they are: Fibula, Senja and Shadowthorn.
The currently available maps are: Thais, Carlin, Venore, Fibula, Senja and Shadowthorn.