Server information

War server with custom client, protocol 7.4
Private accounts
You need to purchase points to create a character
The server saves players and game statistics
You can view a players stats on its character profile
Your stats do not change while in arenas or event
What is Elo? Bla bla bla
How do I gain Elo? By killing others with higher Elo
How do I lose Elo? By being killed with???
Why do I want high Elo? Because then you are a winrar
Protection zone lock: 3 minutes
Starting level: 31, but it may vary
Magic level and skills: are static and doesn't move
Spell and rune restrictions: some spells and runes requires a certain amount of soul points, you find them below
Damage alterations The damage of some spells and runes are limited, for example the GFB rune
Rewards You will be rewarded with skulls if you reach a certain kill streak, these will however disappear upon death

You may recieve other more permanent rewards upon certain milestones
Name Spell Soul cost
Ultimate explosion (exevo gran mas vis) 45
Mana shield (utamo vita) 25
Energy wave (exevo mort hur) 15
Great energy beam (exevo gran vis lux) 10
Poison storm (exevo gran mas pox) 30
Heal friend (exura sio "friend) 3
Paralyze rune - 30
The spawning point rotates each 2h
Each city has at least 2 spawning points which rotates
Hidden, and easter egg -like areas
Upon death you are teleported to the current spawn
Revamped cities from the original map
Designed to cover most war situations
Hidden areas and quests
Events such as capture the flag and arenas