We expect that you as a player and customer follow the server rules.

We have the right to ban or even delete your character or account as we see fit.

Violating any of the rules below may result in your account being deleted and thus not able to retrieve.

If you follow the rules and behave in a respectful manner you will have nothing to worry about.

1. Names
a) Offensive names
Names that can be interpreted as racist or any form of degrading.

b) Invalid names
Names that are not making any sense and are most likely spammed.

Example: "Adafiajfn".
c) Names containing advertisement
Names that advertise other open-tibia servers, games or any other product un-related to the server.
d) Names to mimic a staff-position
Names that can be interpreted in a way that players might believe that you're a part of the staff.
2. Statements
a) Offensive statements
Insulting, racist, harassing or any form of degrading statements.

b) Unnecessary spamming
Excessively repeating identical or similar statements or using badly formatted or nonsensical text.
c) Advertising
Advertising other open-tibia servers, games or any product un-related to the server.

d) Language
Using any other language than english in public channels or forum boards.

e) Disclosing others personal data
Disclosing personal data of other people.

f) Inciting rule violation
Encouraging and stiring up a situation for other players to violate the rules.

3. Cheating
a) Abusing bugs
Exploiting obvious game errors.

b) Unofficial software
Manipulating the official client program or using additional software to play the server.

c) Teaming with cheaters
Intentionally teaming up with a botter might result in ban. A warning will be issued at first, but if the event reoccurs after the warning, actions will be taken.

d) Videorecord
In some rare cases, a suspect has to provide a videorecording of his gameplay.

4. Legal Issues
a) Hacking
Stealing other players account data.

b) Attacking the server
Distributing any form of attack against the game server or website.

5. Miscellaneous
a) Boosting stats
MCMulti-client, using more than one client at the same time.
or, together with other players, with the sole purpose to abuse any form of reward such as better stats.