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Server statistics

The server is collecting statistics. The statistics are displayed on this page. For another detailed view of some statistics, visit the highscore page. For more information, you may contact us on the website, or in-game. You can also visit the forum or our official Discord

Total players: 35
Total accounts: 84
Total staff members: 2
Online count
Players online: 0
Online record: 22
Record date: 08th Feb 2020
Total kills: 658
Total solo kills: 494
Total deaths: 439
Total assists: 178
Daily kills
Today's kills: 0
Daily kill record: 501
Record date: 08th Feb 2020
Daily deaths
Today's deaths: 0
Daily death record: 501
Record date: 08th Feb 2020
Category Score Top scorer
Kills: 129 Neptune
Solo kills: 121 Neptune
Deaths: 83 Little Feather
K/D ratio: 4.7 Euthanasia
Assists: 25 Little Feather
Longest killstreak: 25 Neptune
Sudden death rune
Total hit: 11683
Total missed: 21891
Total shot: 33574
Top list
Hits: 2104 by Little Feather
Misses: 4881 by Little Feather
Hit accuracy:
48.29% by EuthanasiaScore among players with at least 100 SD hits
Total skulls gained
Top list
9 by Neptune
2 by Neptune
2 by Mietek
1 by Neptune